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2 upto 5 years warranty

Our machines have a 2 years warranty. We are also proposing various services levels and extensions of warranty period upto 5 years.


Good deals

"Pay-as-you-use" systems and leasing are also available.



Among the best machines on the market, our range of products are versatile and evolutionary thanks to their made-to-measure configuration.

These machines are enabling a wide range of aesthetic skin treatments thanks to the most advanced technologies:

  • medical laser (pico, nano, long pulse, fractional etc.)
    for pigmentation, vascular, resurfacing, hair removal, vaginal mucosa, etc.
medical laser
  • beautician laser (diode, Nd:YAG)
    for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, tatoo removal etc.
HIFU machine
Appareil IPL
Appareil cryolipolyse
  • celluDERMix, or cellumassage
    for improving cellulite, firming skin, sculpt the body shape etc.
Appareil cellumassage
  • radiofrequency (RF) matrix fractional
    for anti-cellulite, andti-aging etc.
Appareil RF
  • cold light (LED)
    for cellular biostimulation, anti-aging, anti-acne etc.
Appareil LED
  • Dermatude® (Meta therapy)
    for in-depth treatment, anti-ageing, anti-wrinkles etc.
Appareil scanner

We deliver full training to your staff on our machines, confirmed by a certificate.

NB: Local rules and regulations for using technologies must be accounted for by the buyer and by the user before purchasing and before using any device.

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